BGS has been providing employment and career development services since 1988.

About BGS: We focus on helping Individuals achieve their career goals. This support ranges from locating employment that best meets their skills & abilities to determining what training they require to move forward in their chosen career. In addition, BGS works closely with employers to assist them in achieving their recruitment and retention goals.

30+ years of trusted experience

Your success is our success.

We have proven experience in the successful development, implementation, & management of comprehensive employment-related services including: Job Placement, Job Clubs, Career & Employment Information Services & Career Workshops. This experience has provided us with a thorough understanding of varied client groups, how to successfully assess their needs, & support them to address challenges that may impact their employment success. We have established processes for determining whether clients are Ready, Willing, & Able to benefit from employment services, offer successful employer relationships that support employment placement opportunities, & deliver effective service management & follow-up support to achieve expected outcomes.  

BGS employment and career services have been successful in varied economic cycles & we will continue to be agile and innovative to meet the constantly changing needs of the Alberta labour market.

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