BGS, in partnership with Alberta Seniors, Community & Social Services (SCSS), is pleased to deliver Career & Employment workshops throughout the Greater Edmonton Region.

Our sessions provide information, strategies, techniques & practical tips to assist all Albertans to prepare for the workforce/educational opportunities, to understand the current labour market, to learn effective job search skills for finding & maintaining work & to improve their current employment & career prospects.  

All Career and Employment Workshop services are provided at No-Cost to participants.

Current Workshops Delivery

Visit our Workshops and Events Calendar to register online for upcoming workshops. 

3 Ways to Resumes

BGS offers a variety of service options to meet your Resume needs:

1. Resume Workshop

Clients complete a template in a 1 day, facilitated Resume Development session which is returned to & typed by BGS. Clients receive electronic &/or print copies of their resumes within 2 business days.

2. 48 Hour Typing Service

Developed for clients who have a resume & require an update. If clients have restricted timelines such as an application deadline & are not able to attend a workshop, they can complete a 48 Hr Resume Typing template indicating required changes & fax/email to BGS. Clients receive electronic &/or print copies within 2 business days. Resumes are typed "as is".

Call us at 780-425-6655 for more info or to access our 48 Hour Typing Service.

3. One to One Consult

For clients who essentially do not have a resume. They are able to schedule on up to 90 minute consult with a BGS Career Consultant & are provided with electronic &/or print copies of their resume at the end of the session.

Call us at 780-425-6655 for more info or to book a One to One Resume Consult.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I register for your workshops?

Feel free to register online OR call our office at 780-425-6655.

Is there a description for each of your workshops?

Yes. Please see the Career & Employment Workshops section of our website.

Do you have any in-person workshops?

Yes. Currently we are offering a hybrid model for our workshop delivery with in person and on-line delivery being offered for most workshops.

Who can attend the workshops? (I have a work/study permit; I am 17 years old, can I attend?)

Our workshops are open to anyone who would like to enhance their job search skills, understanding of the career planning process or personal development.

Are the workshops full day or drop-in any time between 9am-4pm?

To respect fellow participant’s learning experience and to receive all workshop information, you should plan to attend the workshop at its starting time. If you are not able to attend for the full workshop, you should consider attending another session that better meets your schedule.

Are there any breaks during the workshop?

Yes, there are regular breaks including a lunch break for full day workshops.

Why should I attend your workshops?

There are many reasons why people benefit from our workshops depending on their current stage of job search/ career. For those who have not had to job search for some time or have not been successful in their current job search, we offer many workshops that provide information that will help you achieve employment success.  For those currently working but want to enhance their career opportunities, we offer workshops that explore available options and opportunities. Please look through our workshops menu and see what workshops could best meet your needs.

What is Zoom? How do I use it?

Zoom is the video-conference application that BGS uses to deliver our online workshops. When you register for a workshop being offered online, you will be sent a link to join the Zoom session.

Click here for a good introduction to using ZOOM.

I need help with computers. Do you have a class for that?

We offer several technology-based workshops including Intro to Computers and Online/ Social Media Job Search. Please see our Workshops Calendar for scheduled dates.

I have an appointment in the morning. Can I join in the afternoon?

If you are not able to attend for the full workshop, you should attend another session that better meets your schedule.

Do you have any workshops in the weekend/evening?

Yes. Our Workshops Calendar offers multiple options depending on demand. Please see our Workshops Calendar for scheduled dates.

Is the Resume workshop designed for people who do not have a resume or for those who already have a resume and just want to update it?

The Resume Workshop is primarily intended to provide an introduction to resumes for participants who do not have a current resume or those who have a resume but do not fully understand the resume elements that are required for a successful job search.  Even if you have a resume but it has been some time since it has been updated, you could benefit from attending and hearing about new resume concepts and strategies for today’s labour market.

How do I get started?

Register Online for upcoming Workshops, access our 48 Hour Typing Service or book a One to One Resume Consult

✓ Call us at 780-425-6655
✓ Email us at [email protected]
✓ Send us a direct message via facebook @BGSCareerVentures

“The Province of Alberta is working in partnership with the Government of Canada
to provide employment support programs and services.”