Personal Coaching

BGS offers two unique Personal Coaching Series to provide clients with opportunities to explore and maximize their unique potential. Whether you are seeking direction in your career or beginning to explore your pre-retirement/ retirement planning, BGS offers personalized Coaching that is designed to meet your needs.

What are the benefits of using a Coach?

Your Coach will: 

  • Challenge you to work harder, focus your attention and encourage you to aim higher
  • Help you to be more honest about what you really want
  • Allow you to focus on YOU- your concerns and priorities

Who can benefit from Coaching?

  • Coaching is beneficial in all stages of your career including when you are:
  • Actively seeking employment
  • Looking to improve your career opportunities within your industry
  • Looking for a career change
  • Working to define your definition of Retirement

Career Coaching Series

Your BGS Career Coach will work in partnership with you to explore your career options, determine what you want to experience in your career, and build a personalized strategy for your Career goals. Our service promise is that your Coach will provide ongoing feedback, support and encouragement to support you in attaining the personal objectives set out in this strategy and come up with solutions for challenges you may face. 

Your Career Coaching service will be personalized to meet your unique needs.

Coaching components can include:
  • Navigating a Job Loss (As required)
  • Developing a Job Search Strategy for Employment Success
  • Personal interests, values & skills assessments
  • Review of education & employment history
  • Resume & Cover Letter Development
  • Interview coaching & practical simulations
  • Job Search Survival Skills: Hidden Job Market, Self Marketing, Social Job Search & Networking
  • Access to self-help & office resources

Retirement Coaching Series

Retirement Coaching is for those who have reached the pre-retirement and/or retirement stage of their venture and are ready to explore the essential lifestyle dimensions for continued success in their journey.

Pre-Retirement and Retirement Coaching supports you to identify your priorities, develop action plans with timelines, and receive professional guidance and support as you begin to plan for this exciting new adventure.

Our Retirement Coaching services:
  • Assess your values, goals, & drivers
  • Review work options/considerations
  • Offer assistance on overcoming fears and other challenges when considering/ beginning retirement
  • Review and clarify assumptions, ideas, and perceptions of retirement
  • Provide assistance in resolving timing issues for retirement
  • “Visioning”- Planning Your Retire
  • Dimensions of Your Retirement:
    • Lifestyle Issues
    • Who Are You? Rediscovering Self
    • Work Considerations/Alternatives
    • Changing Roles & Relationships
    • Managing Emotions & Attitudes
    • The Physical Me: Health & Aging
    • Recreation & Travel

How do I get started?

Contact us and ask about the Coaching Series that is best for you.

✓ Call us at 780-425-6655
✓ Email us at [email protected]
✓ Send us a direct message via facebook @BGSCareerVentures