The Career Planning workshop provides information and activities to assist you in understanding and applying the Career Planning process: self-assessment, decision-making & action planning to generate career alternatives

Career Planning Process- The steps to career planning for creating your Career Plan

Self-Discovery- Assess your values, interests and abilities. The Career Decision Making System is used to help narrow down some career options

Identifying career options and researching- Identify careers using a hands-on approach with the website for career research and to discover the latest labour market trends

Decision making- Learn about the decision making process and how it relates to the career planning process

Action planning- Create a step-by-step Career Plan. Discover how to stay focused and on track during your Career Planning activities as you work to achieve your Career goals

Transferable Skills

Job seekers will identify skills gained through work, volunteer, classes, parenting or any aspect of life & demonstrating how to apply them in a new job or industry in their current career path


Date(s) Time Location
Jun 19-20 Online (Zoom)
Jun 26-27 BGS - 100