Designed to support job seekers to understand the components of a resume & how to effectively create & target their resume and cover letter to engage employers.

Purpose of a Resume/Cover Letter- Resume concepts so you can effectively present your skills, experiences, and interests to potential employers

Major components of a Resume/Cover Letter- Receive step-by-step guidance on how to master all of the components of a resume and cover letter

Resume/Cover Letter formats- Chronological, Functional and Combination resume formats are presented and discussed. The DATA (Desire, Ability, Temperament, Assets) concept will be introduced and used when creating cover letters. Electronic Resume considerations are discussed.

Identify transferable skills, technical skills, personal attributes, leisure activities, community work and volunteer work for an effective resume

Hands-on practical Tips and Techniques for Resume/ Cover Letter success that result in a final draft of your personal resume are discussed.

Finished Product- Participants can be provided with a finished version of their Resume within two business days following the workshop


Date(s) Time Location
Dec 5 BGS Suite 310
Dec 12 BGS Suite 310
Dec 13 Online (Zoom)
Dec 18 BGS Suite 310
Dec 19 Online (Zoom)