This session offers young job seekers between 16 and 24 years of age support when it comes to thinking about your plans for the future in tangible ways and who want to set and achieve employment / career goals.

  • Learn to Identify, explore and describe your skills, attitudes, personality, values and interests
  • Be introduced to the Career Planning Process
  • Learn the steps to generate career path options
  • Develop a Career Decision Action Plan
  • Consider challenges that may emerge and how to resolve them
  • Discover how to evaluate your decisions for future career choices
  • Understand what labour Market Information is, gain insight on the impact Labour Market Information has on your career decisions and discover where to find Labour Market Information 
  • Identify resources about making informed choices about returning to school to obtain training
  • Learn how to develop and apply SMART Goals
  • Gain the skills and understanding you need to get started on your job search in order to enter the labour market


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